Metta Hermitage

A place for meditation, Batu Arang, Malaysia



Gautama Buddha of India never introduced a religion.


After attaining His Liberation from the cycle of Birth and Death filled with suffering:- hunger, thirst, desires, fear, anxiety, uncertainty, tension, worry, hatred, dissatisfaction, greed, natural calamities, diseases and old age, He showed us the way to FREE OURSELVES by OURSELVES without dependence on external forces.


He taught us the way to break out of the cycle of birth and death.


Let us therefore remember that it is through the Path of Mental Purification (Path of Purification or Visudhimarga by Bhadantacariya Buddhagosha), that we can make the best Spiritual Progress.


May all beings make the most spiritual progress in this life.




Roshi Lingam


Metta Forest Hermitage




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